Monday, June 25, 2012

No Nonsense at Duffy's Bar

Dive Life spent last Saturday at Duffy's in La Habra, and it was the perfect spot to start the adventure. Enter through the round, barrel door and inside is everything you hope for in a dive. Duffy's is dark and smokey, as if you've gone back in time to when smoking in bars was still legal. We grabbed a seat at the bar and Mr. Jim, our bartender for the night, came to take our order.

We inquired about the beer selection and Mr. Jim told us that he had 27 varieties of bottled beer, however when we asked what he had he refused to list any for us. Taking a shot in the dark we asked for a Stone and were told that they didn't have any of that fancy shit. Alright, so we ended up with a Fat Tire (bottled) and a couple mugs of Newcastle (on tap). We never did figure out what the 27 mystery beers are, but bottles will cost you $4 while a mug of Newcastle goes for $5 or a pitcher for $11. Also on tap they have Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light, Shocktop, and Widmer Hef. The crowd looked to be all local regulars and one told us that it usually gets busy around 11, however that night it was pretty empty.

Duffy's also boasts 3 flat screens (2 had on the baseball game and the 3rd was playing "Eight Legged Freaks" on SyFy), 2 pool tables ($0.75/game), a large selection of lotto scratchers, and a jukebox that costs $0.50 per song. We spent the night playing at one of the pool tables and guessing what else was included in the beer selection (we correctly guessed Sam Adams, Rolling Rock, and Heineken). Finally, we decided to try ordering some Bacon Cheddar Fries from the specials board but Mr. Jim informed us that the cook wasn't in that night.

Overall it was a good night at Duffy's. We had fun at the pool tables, lost $3 on a scratcher, and were entertained by Mr. Jim and the regulars. Would we go back? Yes, if only just to guess some more mystery beers and hope the cook is there. If you're looking for a relaxed dive bar with decent beer where you can play some pool, give Duffy's a shot. Just be warned: don't try to order any fancy shit.

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  1. Also old school claw machine for 50cents... With dusty old plush toys!!! Haha

  2. I am definitely winning a toy from the claw machine next time!