Monday, July 16, 2012

The Village Inn

Dive Life is back from a fantastic week long vacation on Balboa Island! I have been spending summers vacationing in Balboa since before I can remember, but I had never been to the island's only bar until now...

The Village Inn is, if you know anything about Balboa Island, exactly what you would expect.We arrived around 9:30pm and there was a pretty good crowd consisting mostly of middle aged OC moms and dads. We found a booth just in time for the live music to start, which is when things got interesting. The band consisted of 3 older men, a mom-ish looking woman on keyboard, and a young college aged girl on vocals. We spent most of the night watching in amused horror and making up stories about the band members, most of which involved some strange familial arrangement. It was amazing... and terrible.

We stuck to mixed drinks while at the Village Inn, which seemed the best option as they had no beer on tap. A basic mixed drink (Jameson + Ginger Ale was my choice) will run you around $8 and the drinks are strong enough that the price seems reasonable. They do serve food as well, but we didn't try anything and the kitchen was about to close when we arrived. We did try the popcorn though, which you can scoop for free from a popcorn machine in the corner. It was good until they burned the stuff in the machine and the entire bar smelled of torched popcorn.

We stayed until they turned the bright lights on just before they closed at midnight, forcing us out into the street. There was so much more to our experience at The Village Inn that I can barely begin to describe without this post going on forever. The final verdict? I definitely wouldn't make a special trip but if you're visiting Balboa Island anyway, stop in at The Village Inn for a drink and you just might catch the band.

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